Energy Healing

Ting…ting…the earth is humming.

No, this is not an odd set of barbecue tools or fetish equipment! Get your mind out of the gutter.

Okay, from what I gather (and I’m completely oversimplifying here), the earth makes a vibratory tone as it makes its 365 day trip around the sun. That’s where the sound Om comes from. More simply put, Om is the sound of our big mutha earth hustling her way around that hot, sweaty ball of flame. It’s the vibration of our planet and it’s 136.10 Hz to be exact. That’s a wild and wonderous concept to me.  Damn near mind-blowing! Chanting Om has been shown to have a very soothing and grounding effect on the body. The reason is because our bodies are susceptible to and strongly influenced by such tones and their vibrations. This influence is most felt in our seven chakras–our energy portals–and even our chakras emit a certain frequency. Just think about it, our bodies are singing, just like the earth. It’s definitely poetic when you let yourself give in to the whimsy of it all. Well, I recently let go of a few pinched pennies and invested in a set of tuning forks specifically attuned to our chakras and the Om earth-tone. My rationality was that they were a business investment because I knew they would enhance my reiki sessions. I was first introduced to tuning forks by my reiki teacher and I found them to be the best part of the entire session (okay, it’s a tie with the reiki massage). And although I’m itching to use them on others, to be quite honest, both Petunia and I have been enjoying them every day. Petunia completely freezes when I use them on her, like she’s in a trance, and she gets this glassy-eyed, far off look about her. Like she’s dreaming of a never-ending pasta bowl. They sound and feel fantastic. Heck, business investment or not, these are worth it.

And speaking of Petunia Fish…

DSCF2706My hairy little Florence Nightingale has been taking care of my sick, sorry ass for almost a week. Oh what would I do without her? I don’t even want to ponder such a question. I’ve had the yuckiest sinus infection…and it’s not even winter yet. I don’t stand a chance when cold and flu season kicks into high gear. Neti pot = best friend! However, none of this sickly silliness will keep me away from my beloved Saugerties Farmers Market this Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm. One of the best people you’ll ever meet in the whole wide world will be doing a chef demo and I will be lovingly heckling him from the sidelines. Awe!

Whole garlic
Joe Aiello of Mangia Bene Farm (he’s the one on the right in the picture, shown with an enthusiastic customer) will demonstrate a surprise garlic dish. Yum!

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