Doulapalooza & Agent for Disposition of Remains

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Hello friends! In this installment of my end-of-life video series, I briefly touch on the takeaways from NEDA’s Doulapalooza back in October (yes, I am super late to the game here) and the Appointment of Agent to Control Disposition of Remains form. Additionally, I address wills and trusts and point you to this fantastic resource which will help you create an online last will and testament. This video will conclude our review of the essential advance directive forms. Wahooo! We got through the rather boring–but extremely important–paperwork part. Now we can get a little more creative with our content. If you want a New York State version of all of the advance directives, plus A LOT more good end-of-life planning stuff, get your hands on my Rest of Life Planner.  As time goes by, I will be adding planners for each state to the online shop so keep checking back. 

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