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Ithaca friends, your end of life planning resource is here!

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Rest of Your Life Planner

I know you’ve got a busy life, hiking the local gorges, kayaking Cayuga Lake, and listening to music at Myers Point on Thursday nights. The absolute last thing in the world that you want to ponder is your death. I get it. But putting off end-of-life planning until an emergency is the worst thing you can do for yourself and for your loved ones. Perhaps you’ve already worked with an estate planner (I hope so!), you’ve got your last will all drawn up and you feel like all of your bases are covered. Well, not so fast! The small, yet important details of life probably have not been addressed and really need to be.  Don’t worry though, I’ve made this relatively painless with my Rest of Your Life Planner. It’s literally a planner that you can use to organize every day of the rest of your life.