End of Life Planning

End of Life Planning Book

Estate planning is only a small part of end of life planning. 

I’m a huge fan of estate planners and estate planning in general but there are a lot of small nuisances in life that are not addressed in an estate plan. Planners are there to help you with the big picture, legally complicated stuff such as property distribution or child custory. However, just because you have a last will and testament doesn’t mean that your end of life planning is complete. Don’t wait until you’re forced to rush through and make important decisions in haste. Even worse, don’t wait until something happens to you and your loved ones are left completely clueless as to your final wishes or even where any of your important documents are located.

That’s why I have created a comprehensive end of life planning book that will be a companion to your estate plan.

Things estate planning misses

  • your virtual world is not usually addressed such as passwords, what you want done with your social media accounts when you’re gone, etc…
  • basic but essential information such as contact lists, bank account information, medical information, pet health information, where important documents are located, etc…
  • legacy information like what personal messages and gifts you’d like to pass along to others after you die, how you want to be remembered, any secret family recipes that you wanted passed on, etc….
  • details about your surrouding environment and experiences you’d like to have before and during the dying process.

I’ve created a planner that you can use for the rest of your life to plan the end of your life. It’s not always about where your money or assests are going. Don’t you want to have a say in how your life is celebrated? Are there family dynamics that you want to help mitigate? You’ve lived your life your way so why not live the end of your life your way too.

What’s included in the Rest of Your Life Planner©?

The documents included in the planner are:

  • advance care planning documents: state specific HIPAA, health care proxy, living will, organ donation, MOLST, power of attorney, Five Wishes and disposition of remains forms
  • a contact list
  • a place to record usernames and passwords
  • basic information for all of your accounts
  • important location information for documents and valuables
  • medical information
  • pet care information
  • end-of-life resources
  • end-of-life wishes
  • pre-death and post-death checklists
  • a bucket list 
  • legacy questions
  • legacy project ideas
  • favorite recipe sheets
  • eulogy tips with a space to write your own
  • obituary tips with a space to write your own
  • end-of-life event planning and funeral tips 
  • income and expenses information
  • a sheet allowing you to gift items to loved ones

The actual binder is recycled and is now given a second chance at life. Expect imperfections please. The fabric covers are removable and can be machine washed.