HIPAA & Your Famous Last Words

Journey Through Life & Death

This is the part where we mix the creative with the mundane. Let’s address the mundane first: HIPAA. You know it. You hate it. But what the heck is it anyways? Well, to put it in the most basic of fashions, HIPPA is there to protect your privacy. You don’t want just anyone having access to your deep, dark medical secrets, do you? Of course not. So, you need to tell your medical health care providers just who can have access to your medical records. Here is the official New York State release of information. If you live in a different state, of course you will be able to find something similar by doing a quick internet search. Here is a brief article reviewing the importance of filling out the form. Okay, now on to the fun stuff…

Think about the words that inspire you. Did you write them? Are they from your favorite song, poem, movie, book…? Write them down (or type them if that works better for you). Put them in your death binder (or get yourself a Rest of Your Life Planner). Your death binder is not supposed to be some dark place where all of your end-of-life forms go to die. The death binder is a place to celebrate your life. Celebrate all the things that make you…you. It’s your legacy. So start committing to capturing some of it for family and friends to enjoy when you’re gone. If some of those words are destined to become a part of your memorial service or funeral, make sure to indicate that in your living will. Remember the one I had you fill out from Cake.com. There is a place for such information there.

Okay, until next time… enjoy pondering and gathering the words that helped shape the person you are today. Put some thought into and enjoy the process. 

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