Butterflies & Foxes Home Funeral Kit

Home funerals can be a healing and beautiful experience. It’s an opportunity for loved ones to gather together and say their goodbyes in a comfortable, intimate space and not have to worry about severe time constraints or an inflated budget. However, the idea of a home funeral can be daunting, so this kit was designed to empower you. This kit provides you with all of the information and supplies that you need to carry out a home funeral with confidence. See more details below.



Home funerals were once a common occurrence, but they lost popularity when the death care industry took over. However, they're now experiencing a resurgence. It's important to note that no matter where you live in the U.S., it is legal in every state to bring or keep a loved one home for a ceremony of the family's design and choosing. If anyone tells you otherwise, I suggest contacting the National Home Funeral Alliance and they can advocate on your behalf. Why would someone choose a home funeral, you ask? The benefits of a home funeral basically boil down to more time with a loved one for a lot less money. Funeral homes charge to rent their space, for flower arrangements, hair and make-up, etc... and you are under pressure to get all of your grieving and goodbyes done within a very short time frame. This pressure is alleviated with a home funeral. Bodies can be at home for up to three days which provides time for loved ones to travel, time to sit with the body without feeling rushed, and time to grieve and say last goodbyes in a peaceful, healing setting. Plus, they offer more ceremonial creativity and flexibility. However, the idea of having a home funeral can be daunting. Where does one even start? Well, I'm here to help by offering a home funeral kit which provides you with everything you need to host a home funeral and instructions to help you every step of the way.


* Instructional sheets with body care tips and ceremonial ideas
* A fabric bundle featuring rice eye weights; (4) handmade beeswax tealights; a sewn sachet featuring dried flowers (Don't forget me, Fig, Chrysanthemum spp., Gomphrena, Lavender, Lotus seed, Red plum, Sophora japonica, Rose, Albizia flower, Jasmine, Siraitia grosvenorii, Peony, Calendula officinalis, Lily, Mallow flower, Roselle, Genmaicha, Lotus seed, Peach blossom, Carnation and Pomelo flower); a sachet for bathing the body featuring epsom salts, Himalayan sea salt, lavender essential oil, dried lavender leaves, dried aloe, dried lemongrass, a dried lemon slice and rosemary; handmade tea tree liquid soap; a bottle of handmade body oil (your choice of essential oil); and the fabric used to wrap the bundle can be used as an alter cloth or to decorate the body.
* (6) Techni-ice sheets for cooling the body
* (2) washcloths and (1) hand towel for bathing the body
* (2) wash basins for both clean and dirty water
* A paper wrapped pack of body care essentials such as underpads to keep surfaces clean and dry, cloth tape, glue, gauze, q-tips, cotton balls, oral care swabs, tissues, vinyl and nitrile gloves, and corn starch baby powder. It also comes with a seed-paper butterfly that can be used to write a sweet note on and tuck into your loved one's burial shroud or clothing.
* All items come in a fabric pouch for safe storage

In an effort to be environmentally friendly, this kit includes recycled and re-used packaging materials. The small and large fabric bags are sewn by me and the liquid soap and body oil are both handmade by me, as well. The beeswax candles are made by a small business using wax from their own bees.

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Additional information

Weight 96 oz
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 6 in
Choice of essential oils

lavender essential oil, rosemary essential oil, tea tree essential oil, rose otto essential oil, bergamot essential oil