Memory of the Pyramids Urn

This is a ceramic vessel with hand-etched flowers and the words “Recuerdo de las piramides” which means “Memory of the Pyramids.” What a perfect urn to house the partial cremains of a loved one who enjoyed travelling or for a beloved pet.


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What a cool, unique find! I believe that this black and white vessel is thin ceramic which was then dipped in paint and etched by hand. The etching is imperfect and clearly done by an artisan instead of some assembly-line production. Above the flower motif are the words "Recuerdo de las piramides" which means "Memory of the Pyramids." What a perfect urn to house the partial cremains of a loved one who enjoyed travelling or for a beloved pet. I added the cork stopper so it's not an air-tight seal. It's lightweight and seems very sturdy (of course I have no intention of testing that out.)

This item is a part of Wind & Wing's imperative to repurpose previously loved items and save them from the landfill. Unique items are purchased at garage sales, estate sales, thrift stores and antique shops and then fixed up to be given a second chance. There are way too many beautiful pieces, created with love and artistry, that are being discarded in this country. This item comes with normal wear-and-tear imperfections and has some chips in the glaze around the opening, but it adds to its handmade, vintage look. Please utilize the zoom feature in the photos to look at the item up-close. Our items are shipped using reused packing materials and shipping boxes so it's highly likely that this item will arrive with another company's logo on the outside of the box.

This item comes with a drawstring muslin fabric pouch. Place the pouch into the vessel, then transfer the ashes into the pouch and close the drawstring. This is to ensure that if the vessel were to suffer an unfortunate accident, the ashes will remain safely in the pouch.

Please note that the size of this urn will not accommodate all of the ashes of an adult human. However, if you have partial ashes (commonly due to scattering ceremonies or splitting them amongst loved ones) or ashes of a beloved pet, this would be a lovely vessel for that purpose. For more information on how to properly size an urn, click here. The exterior dimensions are 16 1/2" diameter at the widest part, 10 1/4" in diameter at the smallest part at the top and is approximately 8" tall with the lid on it. It weighs a little less than a pound.

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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × 6.75 in